Adult Bovine

Adult Bovine Serum

Heat inactivated sterile filtered 0,2 µm

Code n°: 0.5.SIBS (500 mL bottle) ; 1.SIBS (1 litre bottles) 5.SIBS (5 litres jug)

Batch sizes: from 50 to 2000 liters Filling sizes: 500 ml bottle, 1 litre bottle, 5 litres jug,

Origin: Italy Shelf life: 5 years from date of production if the product is stored at proper temperature and without any cycle of freeze and thaw

Storage Temperature: - 10 °C to -20 °C

Use: Further manufacturing in bio-pharmaceutical field. Not for human or animal consumption. The blood is taken from animals older than 12 months of age.

Heat inactivation: It is done at + 56 °C for 30 minutes in a designated vessel.

Stability and storage: the product must be stored in a temperature range within -10 °C and -20 °C. If stored at this temperature range the serum is stable for five years from the date of production.

It is recommended to not make more than one cycle of freeze and thaw, but to make various aliquots. Turbid material or flocculation can be observed if the product is thawed or stored for a long time at cold temperatures, This is common concerning serum and it is not detriment of its functionality .